The First Eco-friendly Sling Bag with Custom Embroidery

More than a sling bag

Carry Bayan the Sling in your own style

Bayan is a multi-purpose, stylish personal sling bag that keeps your essentials organized and safe. Bayan the custom sling bag will be your ultimate sling bag that’s just the right size, fits closely to your body comfortably. And what makes Bayan so cool is that you can make it yours, a truly personalized sling bag one by having your name or any of your secret codes embroidered on the hand strap. 18 fonts and 5 colors are available for you to create your one-of-a-kind Bayan.

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Save Waste

The oceans give us life. We give them plastic. To reduce unnecessary waste and achieve zero inventory from creating Bayan, the custom sling bag, we have spent months finding a sustainable eco-friendly material, make and ship it on demand.

About MTB

MTB was founded with the vision of yielding bags with smart structure and sustainable materials. Transforming the latest trends into high-quality and super-durable bags with perfection and versatility, caters to people with various styles.

Fresh off the runway, MTB offers high-quality products and customization services to empower all people around the world to express themselves freely through fashion. At MTB, bags are sonnets that structures are given, while you write in your own styles. As well as bringing the green culture to the wider public, by using the recycled material a ripple effect will unfold, sending the message throughout the region and beyond.

Behind Bayan

Eco-friendly Material

WE LOVE OUR PLANET! Being responsible for the environment is our key mission – to create a greener, safer and cleaner future. Bayan will be made from certified recycled polyethylene terephthalate (rPET), aka recycled PET, which is used for soda bottles, water bottles and food jars. It is strong and durable.

Born to be minimalism – Bayan brings convenience and diversity – giving plastic a second life and cuts down on its waste.

The Origin of Bayan

You know what? Bayan is a type of chromatic button accordion. As its name implies, it is just like an accordion that can be expandable to bring out various styles. 

Our designer wants this custom sling bag to be more than versatile, but also allows you to feel joyful mingled with surprise every time they expand your Bayan. 

Just like the instrument that you need to expand to make beautiful music, same as our Bayan custom sling bag that is designed with a delicate interior, all the details are for storing different items to make your journey seamless and care-free.

Music is always the best mood booster. Our designer created three different patterns which she got the inspiration from three popular types of music (Classical, Pop and Electronic) to be printed in the interior. Let music ‘soak into your mind’ when you expand it. 

Why Bayan?

Bayan is just the right size & fits like a glove

A sling bag is usually worn crossbody. Bayan the custom sling bag is more than that. Besides having the options of wearing them on the front or back of your body, it comes with 4 styles to carry. Just choose the most comfortable way to match your outfit & occasion.

  • Folded Version
  • Classic Version (Chest bag)
  • Clutch Bag Version  
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Everyday Bag

Bags usually have a special purpose – but a sling bag doesn’t only have one purpose. You can wear a sling bag in your everyday life and on various occasions. 

Breathable Mesh Backplane

Bayan’s back panel is made of mesh,  it is well known for its lightweight heft and permeable texture. This material is very breathable and has low heat retention abilities. You won’t feel hot when carrying Bayan.

Different from other sling bags, Bayan has an inch apart from your body to make the breathable mesh backplane play the most effective heat dissipation function while still keeping your essentials safe and free your hands.

We are quite sure you will be able to choose a sling bag that fits your lifestyle. Trust us – Bayan will soon become your daily companion. 

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Bayan the custom sling bag is light and practical, with only 361g in weight, it is also comfortable and stylish at the same time. To the point of snugness that makes you forget you are wearing it.

Personalized Your Custom Sling Bag

You can freely adjust the strap to conform to your body.  It comes with different compartments for all the items you may possibly need when you go out. You can choose the lining patterns and add embroidery alphabets or numbers to the front hand strap. 

Sublimation on 210D polyester oxford fabric 

*Plus Version Exclusive*

210D polyester oxford fabric is an extremely sturdy material that has excellent flexible, abrasion as well as chemical agents resistance characteristics. The heat transfer sublimation printing process is a great process eco-friendly printing technique that is not only simple but also efficient in creating bright and interesting prints on fabric.

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How it works

** If you go with the embroidery options, we will be sending you an email with a link after a project is successfully funded. Click on it and then it will take you to our website for adding the text and choosing the font for embroidery. Don’t worry – just a few simple steps to customize your own bag, it may take less than 60 seconds to complete! **

Details make perfection 

Sling bags have become increasingly popular in the last couple of years.

Practical, chic and easy to wear! High-quality recycling material bag at a very reasonable price and be on trend. A big plus to carry a sling bag to have your hands free! Different from other sling bags.


Most importantly, Bayan is water-resistant. Rainy day? No problem!

Bayan is made of fabric that resists water penetration, which offers a standard level of protection yet remains breathable.

Large Capacity

Expand it to a larger version when you need more space to carry stuff. Spacious interior that can be folded when unnecessary.

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Switch Compartment

Great news for all game-lovers! A perfectly fitted compartment for your Switch, we understand bringing it with you along the journey is troublesome.

Choose Bayan! We select compression materials to protect your valuables with a cinch strap to hold them in place. Your game cards also have a specific place to store. Bayan manages to keep it secured while on-the-go with the dedicated compartments.

Key Easy-accessible function

Attach your key (or anything you want to easily assess) to the dual carabiner, which is in the outside pocket and works great for hanging smaller items from your bag.

Card slots

5 card slots to store all cards you need for your journey. You’ll feel much more comfortable with carrying less stuff. On some occasions we’ll just need a few cards, having them stored in the specific compartments! Forget about the wallet and cardholder and time to say goodbye to those unnecessary items.

Ease-of-access Pen loops

Bayan is designed with ample pockets for you to keep the contents of your bag organized, it helps minimize the number of bags needed for your smaller items.

Pen loops help to keep them organized without occupying too much space. Not only applicable to stationary, but you can also put your make-up products, USB cable, or many small items which are similar in size and fit the loops.

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Reflective Strap

The Most stylish way to add extra visibility, be seen by drivers and be safe when riding or running in the dark.

Shoulder strap pad with pocket  (Add-On)

No more shoulder pain! Adjust the strap pad to the position that works for providing comfort to you. You can add an outside pocket for you to store your wireless earpiece, quickly access it whenever you want music!

Easter Egg

You may be wondering why a sling bag has a place for a water bottle. And yes, we are not kidding! When you carry it as a folded version, you can put a water bottle in between the folded part. And surprisingly, most of the bottle fits! 

Key Easy-accessible function

Attach your key (or anything you want to easily assess) to the dual carabiner, which is in the outside pocket and works great for hanging smaller items from your custom sling bag.

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Project Timeline 

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Shipping Cost

Shipping fees for different countries will be shown upon checkout on the Kickstarter page. And we have partnered with different carriers to ensure every package arrives at your place safe and sound. However, we could not guarantee the customs, and we are not allowed to do duty prepay. We can only do our best to reduce the potential fee charged by customs.

Return & Refund

As you might be aware, Kickstarter is not a store, and rewards are created to say thank you to our supporters. Therefore we are not able to offer a refund or return. However, as a leading printing and POD company, the quality of products is our top priority. Products that do not meet our quality assurance standard will not be shipped to our supporters. We are doing our best to provide a good experience to our backers.

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Risks and challenges

Our manufacturing system has been well developed and with a team of experienced staff. Apart from some risks coming from the logistics of the project, this project is 100% safe. We do know in life and in business there are always unforeseeable risks and challenges, and we are committed to putting forth every effort to do right by the customer if or when these situations arise. We want this bag as much as anyone else does and won’t stop until we deliver the best sling bag on the market. The production will have no issues as our manufacturing process is monitored by printing experts and strives for the highest quality. The biggest issue/risk right now is the timeline. As shipping delays tend to be more common, I have allotted a good amount of time. I always put updates on my Instagram and Kickstarter.Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

Environmental commitments

Visit our Environmental Resources Center to learn how Kickstarter encourages sustainable practices.


Reusability and recyclability

We love our planet. As a leading printing company, we are therefore fully committed towards developing environmentally conscious products. We believe producing sustainable products goes far beyond just using eco materials, as it lessens the garbage in landfill and preserves this world for generations to come. Bayan the custom sling bag is made of rPET. This project is all about creating something versatile and giving a new life to those plastics that were meant to end up in the landfill right now! We also hope this project will inspire more people to see how awesome it is to bring a sustainable idea to reality, we want to shift our consumers towards sustainable choices.

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