Every Purchase is a vote – Waste to landfill or recycle

Environmental awareness is on the rise. People advocate green life and reduce the activities that harm our planet. When talking about environmental issues, the first one comes to mind is traffic pollution – As the government spends lots of money on educating the public that we should choose public transportation over driving our own car. […]

5 Tips to nail a perfect Instagram OOTD Shot

Just got your new favorite cute dress and wanted to flaunt it? Found some famous tourist spot and wanted to do some ‘check-in’ posts? Read this article to learn how to get your OOTD shots more likes on Instagram!  OOTD Tip 1. Finding the right location Aside from selecting your outfit, a good location can […]

What is Monogram? How do initials go on a monogram?

Classic monogrammed initials are one of the most popular choices for personalized gifts.  People see it as an impressive way to add sophistication and ownership to a gift. In this paragraph, I’m going to define what monogram is and how people use it. A monogram is a single, decorative design which is a combination of […]

A Custom Clutch Purse to Carry Wherever You Go

A female holding a custom made clutch bag of MakeToteBags

Design your Custom Clutch Bags: A Custom Clutch purse is an indispensable accessory for your OOTD. You can have your image, your favorite color, as well as a life quote on it. Your bag, your design Yeah, I feel you… When you do not need to carry many daily necessities with you, there is the […]